Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kitchen demo has begun {picture me jumping up and down screaming}

If you've followed this blog for any length of time,
you've heard me mention our oh-so-hideous kitchen a time or twenty.
Don't get me wrong-
I'm a lover of all things vintage.

Wait, let's try that again-
I'm a lover of ALMOST all things vintage.
When it comes to cabinets fashioned from pine paneling and counter tops made from a surface that burns when you set anything remotely hot on top, not to mention the fact that there is some sort of silver flashing making up the edge of the counter tops.....
well folks,
I'm not a fan.

Here's some 'before' pictures for your viewing pleasure-

and here's a pic of what it looked like the day we moved in and slid those nice shiny appliances into place-

Here's a shot in full-on party mode with the crown molding ripped out-

and here's another angle.
That's O and me making the Pioneer Woman's salsa for the party last weekend.

This is where we are as of today-

the breakfast nook-

Underneath the top layer of ceramic tile is a layer of peel-and-stick linoleum (see above) and underneath that is a yellow-speckled linoleum straight from 1960 that is stuck ohsowell to the slab. It's literally coming up in small pieces as the hubs and his friends were scraping and scraping and scraping it last night, so I don't have a great picture of the bottom layer. Just think about what's on Betty Draper's kitchen floor and that's what we've got folks. 

Here's a little video of the hubs in action-
(warning- ripping up ceramic tile is flippin LOUD, so make sure the volume isn't up too high on your computer)

Now that we've seen the 'before' we can tal. Here's an inspiration photo-

I know that some of you will call me stark raving mad for putting hardwoods in my kitchen being that there are 3 littles living here, but just look at that beautiful picture! We ripped up carpets and put down hardwood in the dining room, foyer, living room, and hallway when we moved in, so now it will all connect and flow. I'm all about the flow when moving through a house.

However, floors are actually the last stop on this renovation train, so I'll be waiting a while for those beautiful planks. In the meantime, I'll be keeping you updated here on what's been ripped out and what colors I'm choosing and how much dynamite the hubs eventually used to get that linoleum up.
Just kidding.

We're off to Oliver's last swim lesson for the summer-
where oh where did the time go?
Until next time friends!
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