Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Playroom pillow talk and the evolution of a sofa

Happy Wednesday friends!

If you read THIS post, you saw some new additions to the playroom/living room (that I happened to have made myself the night before the girls' party last week because I'm crazy anal like that)

What am I talkin' about?
pretty pretty pillows...

I made the green/white chevron pillows and the pink elephant pillow using fabric I ordered from

Anyone else shop from there? The site is FULL of the most beautiful fabrics, AND
the prices are outstanding,
they also sell patterns,
every order over $35 ships for free,
It's never taken more than 3 days to receive an order from their site.
(yes, I've made quite a few orders now)

I used what I like to call the 'envelope' method to make the pillow covers. No idea if there's an actual name for this, or maybe it is indeed called an envelope pillow since the finished product resembles, well...
an envelope.
Why a removable pillow cover instead of a sew-and-stuff pillow?

I've got 3 kiddos.

I love the fact that I can pull off the pillow covers and throw them in the wash to remove strawberry poptart goo and boogers and apple juice, which is also why I made the slipcover for the sofa.

They were super-simple to make and maybe took me 45 minutes, TOPS, for all 3. (And that's including stopping every few minutes to pour more juice into a sippy, or to find a missing blankie, or to retrieve a chewed-up piece of book out of the babes mouth.) Planning to post a tutorial within the next couple of days since I'm currently working on a few more for the master bedroom.
I purchased two of the pillow inserts (which are all 18' square, by the way) brand new at Hancock fabric, but the insert I used for the pink elephant pillow was actually a down pillow that came inside a red silk pillow cover that was used on our bed 2 comforters ago. The thing was beautiful, but, hadn't seen the light of day in a while since our master bedroom color scheme has changed twice now since it was first used.
* That's a great tip-
 before you go out and buy new pillow inserts, check your house for decorative pillows that maybe aren't being used anymore! It will save you some moolah and will also give some poor, sweet, non-used pillows a second lease on life!*

And, just to give you an idea of what the sofa looks like on a normal basis:

that's life at the Mathews.

And now...

a look back at the humble begginings of our armless sofa,
because it's come a long way, baby.

This is the 1st photo I have of our sofa, taken in the furniture store before I purchased it. It was love at first sight, not only because of it's price ($75), but because I loved the fact that it had no arms and looked a bit retro-vintagey. Yes, vintagey.

circa Sept. 2008

I kept the original pillows on it for about a year and then swapped them out for some black/white pillows my grandmother made and a red one that was a gift from my mum.

Couldn't resist sharing this pic of the babe asleep on it.
And no, internet, I didn't leave her alone asleep like that. I just hopped up, real quick-like to snap the picture and then returned to her side.

In March of this year, I made a slipcover for the sofa out of canvas drop-cloths. My *biggest* sewing project to date.
ATTENTION: I'm not a trained seamstress.
I don't even know how to make a button hole, so when I say this is something you can tackle with even limited skills,
I mean it.
You can find all of the details on how I made the slipcover HERE,
as well as how I made the cute red/white pillow out of a kitchen towel I found on clearance at Target.

And now-
3 pillows made by me,
and 2 yellow rosette pillows by Dwell Studio for Target.

**those yellow Dwell Studio Target pillows are actually kinda famous, as in, TONS of bloggers use them in their homes which may or may not have led me to throw two of them into my red buggy several months ago**

case in point-

my favorite blogger of all:

and folks, if it's on Becky's sofa and it came from Target, well I reckon it'll be on my sofa too...

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I love your pillows! Did you ever do the tutorial? I want to make some! :)

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