Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kitchen reno: week 2

Have you ever wanted to snap your fingers or wrinkle your nose or click your heels together and make something happen?
Just like that?

That's where I am with the whole kitchen-makeover project.
Don't get me wrong, I'm loving the fact that the hubs (and a few friends) have done the demo,
costing us zip.zilch.NADA.
Also loving the fact that when it's all said and done, we'll have a beautiful, new, updated space that we can be proud of.

But this part?
Ripped out cabinets and packed up kitchen goods and food/dishes/sippy cups all over the house?
Not a fan.

But the pretty kitchen....it's a comin'.

In my last update, I mentioned that we started by ripping up the ceramic tile (which popped up easy as pie) and finding 2 layers of linoleum underneath (which did NOT come up so easy). The hubs and a few friends scraped and scraped and scraped to get a small area of the linoleum up before calling it a night,


the next day, the hubs rented this-

and within a few hours,
we said buh-bye to ALL 3 layers of flooring.
The hubs has now turned his attention towards the cabinets, which means I've been packing and shoving and storing kitchen stuff all over the house.
Here's a few pics of my strong hubs ripping out 60-year old cabinetry fashioned out of pine paneling-

see what's lurking behind that plastic?

It's a little girl.

She knows not to go into the kitchen where there's dust and hammering and general nastiness.
So she sits,
on the rug on the floor,
and plays with a toy
drinks from a sippy.

Here's a peek at what the dining room-turned-temporary-kitchen is looking like at the moment.

I feel a little bit like I'm eating in a diner now thanks to the table cloth (leftover from E's Pinkalicious party last year).

I'd also like to give a huge shout-out to Van from Lowe's who put together our NEW kitchen cabinet plan (cabinets + countertops) and who says he can get us our countertops faster than another store that we'd planned to use first.
 I won't use their real name, but it rhymes with Rome Tepot.

 I'll keep you updated on which companies/products we use in the new space.
I've pretty much picked out a paint color, and by 'pretty much', I mean that I started with 12 and I'm down to about 3.

I'm making progress, no?

I've also picked out about 6 possible fabrics to use on the windows and on the banquet.
(planning to share those in my next kitchen update post)

I leave you today with my POTD from yesterday-
(POTD = Picture of the Day)

Anyone else watch the season premiere of HGTV's Design Star?
I'm loving the gal that spilled paint all over her and the blond who picked out the made-from-tires coffee table. (I'm terrible with names, can you tell?)

Can't wait for next week!
And thanks to Jamie for letting me watch with you!

Until later-
Happy Tuesday!

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