Saturday, July 2, 2011

The craftiest night in the history of the universe

it was my plan to post everyday this week as party prep took place and as decor went up.

But let's be real.
I'm a mom.
Of three.

Plans don't always work out...

I will share with you some of the many projects that were started AND FINISHED yesterday/last night/in the wee hours of the morn...

I made a dress.
And I'm NOT a seamstress.
I've never ever in the history of my life sewn a dress from start to finish before.
I have no clue if this will fit E, seeing as how she was fast asleep at 2am when I finished it, but I'll let you know how that comes out.
Did you hear me?
I made a dress.
(still kind of in shock that my dress actually looks like a dress)

Here's the cute book where I found the pattern for the dress that I MADE-

And, since the dress came out so darn cute,
I made a pillow cover for the bedroom.
(The sofa in the living room is about to get a splash of chevron too...)

Did I mention that I made a dress?

And since that just wasn't enough,
the hubs needed his name patches sewn onto his work shirts.

5 mintues- DONE

And, since I was on a roll...
I made 2 batches of the Pioneer Woman's salsa with the help of a cute little 6-year old.

It's the best.
And I mean that.
Did you know I make dresses?

Also...still working on the decorations for MM's Very Hungry Caterpillar table.
Started this food bunting last night that I straight up copied out of MM's little board book.

I'll share ALL the details for the party once I can actually photograph the tables with food on them. Right now they're pretty, but all of the dishes are empty, and who wants to see empty dishes?

to recap,
yesterday I did a bit of sewing,
and paper-crafting.

That's a trifecta, folks.
A crafting trifecta.
actually I haven't the foggiest what that means,
I'm a little loopy from the non-sleep I've been doing lately so I'll take this as my cue to go to bed.
(yes, I'm posting this at 3:10 am)
So, goodnight friends-
and Happy Saturday!

(did I mention I made a dress?)

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