Sunday, July 10, 2011

1st National 'I Love Thrifting' Day

Hello friends!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
We're still working on getting the rest of the kitchen ripped out,
(and when I say, "we're", I of course mean 'the hubs')
 I'll update you on that tomorrow-

For today, I want to share with you an event that took place over the weekend.
a.k.a. Rashon Carraway

Rashon is not only a succesful blogger, but also an interior design consultant who happens to have made a few appearances on the Nate Berkus show.

here's a clip where his objective was to spend less than $100 to decorate an empty wall in his dining room-

Rashon is the brains behind the first EVER national
I <3 thrifting day
which took place on Saturday (7.9.11) in cities and countries all over the world. Thrifty shoppers joined forces and headed out into thrift shops and stores around the globe and were able to share pics of their thrifty finds all day on twitter using the hashtag #ilovethrifting.

What a cool concept, right?

Rashon even created the nifty t-shirt he's wearing just for the occasion and sells them on his site HERE. There are hot pink ones too, FYI...

I know I had a blast seeing what other 'thrifties' were buying and also sharing what I'd found as well. Here's a few of the pics I shared throughout the morning-

Since I usually go thrifting at the largest thrift store in town (Alabama's Thrift Store), I thought I'd visit the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Northport to see what goods they had over there.

 I was NOT disappointed.

Here's a look at everything that made it into the buggy
(minus some vintage zippers, which are pictured below)
Forever 21 top
Vintage Globe
Vintage Hymnal (1946)
2 brand new Hallmark Ornament books (I plan to give 1 as a gift)
1 brand new devotional book
Copenhagan script
4 Vintage books
1 rockin' pair of green wooden beads

and 6 zippers, just waiting to be made into something pretty

My total for all 18 items = 17.99

Not too shabby.

Also wanted to share a few pics from the vintage Childcraft book I picked up.
Some of the illustrations would make great artwork for a child's bedroom or playroom-

So, tell me-
do you thrift?
Did any of you out there participate in 'I love thrifting' day?
If so, what did you find?

I tweeted Rashon (@MrGWHunting) and asked if there would be another 'I love thrifting' day in the future.
His answer?
"Yes! Stay tuned!!!"

And so I shall.
In the meantime, I'll keep frequenting (is that a word?) the shops in town because they never disappoint.

Until next time...

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