Friday, January 27, 2012

boycott, ballet, and busy

3 things to share with you today:


see that?
That's my laundry.
A hamper full in the closet + overflow pile on the floor.
Haven't really been in the mood lately to wash my clothes.
Just mine, mind you. The rest of my fam is A-OK.
You could definitely call this an experiment in laziness, but I'm choosing to call it an experiment in creativity.
Why creativity?
Well you see, the longer I go without washing, the further I have to dig in my closet to come up with something to wear. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that people only wear about 10-15 % of their clothing the majority of the time because of favorites and whatnot. Do you have favorites? I do, but like I said, not really feelin' the laundry duty as of late so...
I'm gonna show some love to the pieces in my closet that have felt neglected, abused, and unwanted. Because they deserve their day in the sun too. Just like I deserve a little more time away from the washer + dryer. If you see me in the next few days and think I've gone shopping, I have.
In my closet.


Eliza went to her first ballet class yesterday. Before we left the house, she showed me a few spins and twirls that she learned from Angelina Ballerina. I honestly don't know which of us was more excited. This child has been talking about ballet class for months and months and has had a fascination with tutus for as long as I can remember. I was just so happy seeing her so happy. We made it to the studio a few minutes early and within 2.5 seconds she'd already made a friend.

Take a bunch of teeny gals, dress em up in tutus + ballet shoes, put em in a room together and you got yourself a whole lotta BFF's.

The studio has an 'observation window' for parents to watch their kiddos, which is awesome. The window, however, is reflective and one-sided so the kids can't see everyone staring at them, which is not so awesome for taking pictures. My iphone seemed to work the best on the half window/half mirror, so here's a quick video I took of my girl in action. For the last 20 minutes of the hour-long class they wore tap shoes.
Pure cuteness.

She's ready to go back next week.
Can't wait.


I'm finding more and more lately that my kids can keep themselves busy.
On their own.
Without me.

While it's nice to have a break from the constant need-to-be-on-mommy's-hip-all-the-time, it's just further proof that my babes are getting bigger.

I found the 3 of them coloring in the dining room last night while I made supper. Together, but working on their own masterpieces.
Always busy.

Happy Friday friends.
May you all have a lovely weekend!
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