Thursday, January 19, 2012

Love day inspiration and a lil' secret

Happy Thursday friends!
If you haven't already, I urge you to take a moment and educate yourself about new legislation regarding the internet. This video is the best I've seen explaining the details.
Make your voice be heard.

Now, onto other matters at hand.
Like "love" day.
Like, "really wish I could go on a date with my hubs and no kids" day.
Like, "haha....that's not gonna happen" day.

I digress.

Of course, Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate those you love, not that you shouldn't do this EVERYDAY, but Hallmark is counting on you to celebrate on THIS day more than others. And really, it's hard to resist pink and red lovelies strewn about your mantel and door and where ever else it is you like to strew lovelies, because....well,'s pretty. Today I want to share some of my V-day crafts from last year as well as some of the brilliance I've seen on the internets as of late.

First up is my "made from junk I found in my house" heart wreath:

wreath tutorial HERE

Foyer decor from 2011

Links to printable vintage V-day cards, 'Love one another' printable, and subway art printables all found in THIS post.

Love canvas tutorial HERE

And now, some of my faves from the internets:

FREE printable patterns.
SO many uses...

Free V-day printable:

Such a clever way to make an envelope- perhaps out of free printable paper?

You know that I love some book page crafts. This would be so easy-peezy:

Fabulous Valentine printable suitable for giving to your sweeties:

and an uber-simple paper chain made of hearts:
may have to string one of these up in my classroom...

(these and other fabulous Valentine's day crafts can be found on my

Now, for a lil' secret...
an editor of this website contacted me yesterday.

I almost peed my pants.
Don't know details of when it will happen, but they've asked if they could share something I made.
I told them I'd have to think about it.
Just kidding.
I answered with a giddy 'yes'.
Will share more when I have the deets.

Adieu for now my friends!
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