Friday, January 13, 2012

someone at my house is wearing princess panties

and it's not me.

It's this little gal right here:

It's our sweet little diva-costume-wearing-wizard-of-oz-lovin' Eliza.

At 2 1/2 years old, she's actually been 'ready' for a while now. And when I say 'ready', I mean totally knows when she needs to go and hides under tables and in closets so as not to be seen as she does her bidness type of ready. She's also been telling us to change her diaper and has, on occasion, brought us one herself as if to say, "My bum is wet and/or nasty with poo and I'd like for you to get it off now". She also, and here's the kicker,  will tell us which type of butt paste she would like. Yes, .... I know. Such a diva.

When this started several months ago, we immediately began trying to get her little booty on the pot but were met with screams of protest, and when I say 'screams', I mean just that. Screams. Even with promises of new Barbies and dress-up clothes, ponies and jewels, keys to her own car and a Swiss bank account with loads of cash. Since it's not our habit of making our kids cry and flail about if we can help it, we didn't push it. No sense in making her crazy mad, and after wasn't like she's 6 and being denied access to big school because she can't wipe her own tooshie. She's just 2. There's still time.

 Well my friends, that time has come.
She is finally willing to not only sit on the potty, but to do something in it. Only #1 so far, but we're hopeful that any second now we'll get to flush something solid. Better for it to be goin' down the loo than ending up on our curb. Why the sudden change in attitude over sittin' on the pot? Well...I have to credit the hubs. Don't know how he did it, but he was off at the beginning of the week and called me on Wednesday to pick up a little prize on my way home because low and behold Eliza had peed in the potty. The teeny little bowl full of teeny little fruit in her hands in the pic above are erasers that I picked up in the dollah spot at Target. Also picked up some super-cool felt sushi for a buck. Because what 1 and 2 year old don't like to pretend that they're eating raw fish? Hmmm?

Anywho, just wanted to share a bit of what's happening at the Mathews hizzy this week. Along with the extravagant list above, we've also promised E that she can go to ballet classes as soon as she poops, so here's hoping we're taking a tutu-clad girly to a studio near us soon and very soon. We've had two in diapers for almost 20 months now, which has been totally awesome. And when I say 'awesome', I mean expensive.

Happy Friday y'all! 

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