Tuesday, January 10, 2012


It may be raining in Tuscaloosa right now, but I geh-rohn-TEE you can't dampen the spirits of the TIDE fans! Last night, Alabama brought home it's 14th National Championship. That's more than any other school, just in case you didn't know.

Alabama 21 - LSU 0

Awesome game.
Awesome team.
Awesome coach.
Awesome fans.
LOTS of awesomeness going on.

The game was broadcast on ESPN and I can't write about it without talking about Erin Andrews attire.
A buttercream pantsuit with a purple blouse?

Yes, those are LSU's team colors, but the outfit itself wasn't even pretty. Next time Erin, ya might want to try wearing some Crimson & white.
Just sayin'.

Another interesting tidbit: LSU only crossed the 50 yard line ONCE in the entire game. Can you say defense? I also heard that this is the first shut-out EVAH in BCS National Championship history. Anyone know if this is true? I'm gonna go ahead and say it is...

It was so cool to immediately hear the screams/shouts/celebratory HOO-RAHS of our neighbors after the game from our own living room! I can't imagine what the atmosphere was like on campus. Had to have been downright crazy! We also heard fireworks. Lots of fireworks. Folks also started to post pictures of the crowds lined up at sporting goods shops all over town. I imagine most of the people in my town had a very late night.

Of course, I immediately got to craftin'. Nevermind that it was after 11 pm when I stopped watching the trophy hoisting and the speech giving.

This was first-
just a simple glittery '14' added to one of my flowers-

I also made a super-quick wreath by wrapping crimson flannel around my Christmas yarn wreath from 2 years ago. (I just cut the rosettes off of it) I free-handed a big '14' out of cardboard, covered it in houndstooth felt, and then hot glued the numbers to the wreath.
Easy peasy lemon squeazy.

I didn't really think about selling the wreaths but I've already had a request for one, so if you're interested just shoot me an email. I'll be glad to whip up a few more. As for other Roll Tide awesomeness, you can shop my store HERE for flower pins, headbands, hair clips, houndstooth pennant banners, and soon to come *new* pillow covers in houndstooth and elephant print. In the meantime, I hope you're having a fabulous Tuesday friends!

Roll Tide.

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