Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a few things you should know

Good morning friends!
Just wanted to share a few quick things with you today.
I found this via Pinterest a few weeks ago.
I pinned it. I loved it. I ordered it. And I waited.
And waited.
And waited.
And then I realized the etsy seller that makes it is based in Hawaii.
And then, yesterday, our postman left it in my mailbox.

It's true.
They do.

I opened my e-mail yesterday morning to find this:

I knew it was coming, but this e-mail was like opening a golden ticket.
Might just have to take the day off to spend some quality time perusing the aisles. It needs a proper welcome. The STORE needs to know how much we appreciate them being here.
I feel it is my duty.

I enrolled E in ballet class yesterday.
She's ecstatic, and if there was a word to describe being 1000 times happier than ecstatic, she'd be that. The only downer is that she thinks she gets to go to ballet whenever she tees or poos in the potty now. As in, every single time. It's going to be excrutiating for her to have to wait until Thursday rolls around each week, and I must say....
I'm as happy as she is.
A child of mine? Performing on the stage of the Bama?
Twirling and whirling and pointing toes and wearing a COSTUME?
SO ecstatic I could pee my pants.
But I won't.
Because then I wouldn't allow myself to go with her.

Oliver got a video camera from my parents for Christmas.
It's his new favorite toy.
He takes it everywhere, and I mean everywhere.
He snuck it to school last week in his pocket.
I've got the video footage to prove it.
I'll have to share some of his cinematic genius soon-
it's quite entertaining to see what he deems 'video worthy'.

MM wore pigtails last night.
She's growing up.
I don't care for it.

She's growing up so much, in fact, that she teed in the potty last night.

Did you hear that, internets?
My precious little wee babe teed in the big girl potty and wants to be a 'rina' too.

Turns out she's been watching and listening and knows the deal.
Teetee in the potty = get to go to ballet class & be a ballerina

"I can do that", she says.

I can't handle it.
She's my babe.


If she does start using the potty NOW, and we've just said buh-bye to diapers for E, just think of all the extra money I'd have to spend on shoes/ finishing the kitchen/ getting my hair done/ gas/ bills/ clothes.

you get the picture...

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