Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pic Monkey to the rescue

I'm sure that by now, all of you that have ever used the photo editing site Picnik, know that the site will be shutting down as of April 19th. I first wrote about my love for Picnik HERE, and gushed about how easy it was to navigate through its special features and how glad I was to have found something that tech-challenged people, like myself, could use that yielded results like Photoshop.
But was NOT Photoshop.

Just saying the word Photoshop can send shivers up my spine.
 No joke.
I have it on my computer and have had about as much luck using it as I'd have if I were trying to do calculus. Do you read me?  I don't even have a clue what calculus is and looking at a page full of it is not unlike looking at the screen when Photoshop is open.

It goes something like this...
I don't......

What in the.........??

And then I burst into tears.
Just like I did in my high school math classes.
And college math classes.

(You get the picture)

Several guys and gals in the blogoshpere tried to come up with lists of comparable alternatives, (here's a link to Kate's post) many of which I tried, but none came close to the ease of Picnik.

Until Pic Monkey.
That's right- a monkey.
Not quite sure why a monkey was chosen, but who cares. It's awesomesauce, and one of the reasons why could have something to do with the fact that several of Picnik's ex-employees designed Pic Monkey. Thank you ex-employees of Picnik, from the bottom of my heart. And so, now we have site that will once again allow us to add silly stickers and text and boost colors and crop and edit to our heart's content. I will now demonstrate the awesomeness of Pic Monkey by shamelessly showing you pics of my 3 offspring.

here's the shot, straight from the camera:

and here it is, softened a bit:

and sepia-ish:

and lomo-ish:

and then I went a bit crazy and threw a little of all of it in the pot, stirred it up, and hit 'save':

I mean, how cool is it to be able to play with your photos like this?
I'm working on a special home decor project right now and really wanted something bright. Lots of color pops, ya know?

and since I've already posted that many photos of my babes, I figured I'd do a few more...

LOVE MM's face in that one...
totally made me snort.
Out loud.

And now...
some Zoolander poses:

2 things to note:
that's a new headband that I'll be listing in my shop soon,
we're waiting on a phone call from Ford's any day now...

Happy Thursday Friends!

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