Thursday, March 22, 2012

big things a' happenin'

First of all, I'd like to wish each of you a happy Hunger Games.
The day is finally here, y'all.
I'll be at the midnight show and I'm praying I don't fall asleep.
Not that I won't be loving every second of it,
but because I'm not as young as I used to be.

psst- to watch the official movie trailer, go HERE.

Also making headlines, the demolition of our church began this week. Oliver had a follow-up visit on Monday with the surgeon who put in his stitches (all is well, by the way) and on our way home, we pulled into the church parking lot to see this:

which, odd as it may seem in light of a beloved building being torn down, was thrilling. It's the beginning of a new day for our church. Rebuilding is just around the corner, and that, my friends, is good good news.

And then, today, on our way home from school, we passed this:

Still thrilling,
still exciting,
but somehow seeing the sanctuary gone, it got to me.
And I was sad, just for a moment.
And then I was glad again.
Beauty from ashes, right?
Beauty from ashes.

As the one-year anniversary approaches, it is wonderful to have at least started the process of rebuilding, and what comes down will eventually be built again better and brighter and more suited to our church family's needs.
God is good, all the time.

(For pics of our church before and immediately after the storm, go HERE)

The kiddos and I ended our Spring Break with lots of outside playtime, some green-St.-Patty's-day-themed-cake-baking immediately followed by some green-St.-Patty's-day-cake-eating, an awesome photo shoot that I'll be sharing with you soon, as well as making some major changes to the girls' room.  More on that note soon as well.
 Until then,

(sorry, I had to do it...) 

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