Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Columbus Day and such

So...Columbus Day was actually yesterday- Happy man-discovered-our-land-and made-the-Indians-mad-day! Hoo-rah!!!

I kid....
Forgot to mention in my last post that little man has his first loose tooth. Not quite sure if it became loose on its own or if the Jedi knocked it loose with all his shenanigans... either way- he can wiggle it with his tongue and is super excited about that. I'm excited as well, but it's just a reminder to me that he's getting older. Since we were out of school yesterday, we had lots of fun company. Ma'am, Pop, and MawMaw all came over to see the kiddos. Love love the pics of Dad pushing O on the swing. Think this one's my favorite.
Ate dinner last night at White MawMaw's house. Eliza ate 3 times during the course of our visit. How is she so tiny???

E also discovered MawMaw's dolls for the first time. An entire wall of them. She went a little crazy holding her hands up and asking for, "baby? baby?...." She wanted to hold ALL of them. Maxine at least a hundred porcelain dolls on custom shelves in their office. Not unlike the Barbie room I dream of having some day....
Here's E with one of her faves.

And MM liked them too. Not gonna lie....that dolls face scared me. Really.

Had a little (no, a lot) of spit-up down the back this morning. That was the overflow from what was on ME. I mean, just imagine it. Gross. Kinda glad I was still in my nightgown.

Here's the culprit.
(her inner monologue right now it, "Did I do that?")

Remember my ginormous stack of little girl clothes from Old Navy on super-clearance? Well here's a boy pile I picked up yesterday. O's sizes weren't on super clearance, but still on sale so it was worth it. Especially since he won't have to flood anymore. Clay even asked him a couple days ago if he was ready for the flood (since his pants were 2 inches too short) and he had no idea what to say. Why would he? He's five. Anyway....sufficient to say....he's grown a LOT since last year. He has legs that go on for miles. Really. Not making it up.
Also scored some great deals for my cousin who is having a baby in February. (Hope you're not reading this Laura, but if you are- Surprise!)
Picked these up at Target last night. Gave em a try this morning, and I'm happy to report that they're not gross. Quite good actually. If you love pumpkin pie, then these poptarts are for you. And if you don't like pumpkin pie, you should probably just keep on moving.

I was really hoping to post pics from the mini bathroom makeover today but Sams photo lab has been down since Saturday, so I drove all the way there yesterday to pick up NOTHING. Thanks Sams. Thanks for telling me your machines were all broken while I was standing there re-sizing and editing and ordering, thinking I'd have photos by now when I don't. Thanks.
They're supposed to be up and running by tomorrow so hopefully I'll have pics tomorrow night of the 60's pink and green bathroom, that's still pink and green, only prettier now.


Brittany said...

I love how adorable your kids are. I mean really. I told Carol I should have let you be a surrogate!

I'm curious to see the 60's bathroom makeover. Our bathroom is pink and blue tile. On the floors. Oh and the walls. I need ideas!!

marykathryn said...

yep. I can relate. We have pink and green all over the floors and walls too. Awful. Just awful. Since gutting it isn't an option right now, (I'm currently saving to completely gut the kitchen first. It's even uglier than the bathroom if that's possible) I've decided to try and 'beautify' it with a few accessories and some artwork. I saw a super-cute idea on howdoeshe.com with 3 blown-up photos and a monogram letter making a sort-of grid on the wall. It looked super easy to duplicate, but stupid Sams stupid photo machines are still broken. Ah well...
How is your house other then the bathroom tile? When Carol told us it had a pool, I immediately pictured Richie Rich's house. Is it like that? Are you uppity now that you have an indoor pool? Are you going to name your baby Richie Denton if it's a boy? And thank you for your sweet comments about my kiddos. You should come over some time and give Mary Martin a test-drive. You know,...just for fun and such.

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