Thursday, October 21, 2010

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

Can we just discuss for a moment how badly we need a full-length mirror? The lighting in the bathroom is almost nonexistent as well......

So- here's my "what I wore Wedensday" yet again, on a Thursday. Shirt- The Limited
Skirt- Merona from Target (recently rediscovered during the closet-clean-out-a-palooza)
bracelet/earrings- QVC (the set also included a necklace, and all 3 pieces were only $10. score)
shoes- (not pictured, but really cute flippy-floppies from Target)

Random thing #1- I'm really wanting to make these, or at least just eat them.

#2- Going to see The Secret Garden this week and you should too. Get tix here.

#3- Also, going to see Stuart Little. Get your tix here.

4#- Really need to decided what the girls are going to be for Halloween. Only 10 days left!Wowza

5#- I need new boots for this Fall/Winter. I like these, these, and these. These are also cool in a funky-boot sort of way. (yes....I have expensive taste. I won't be buying any of these unless I find them 75% off.)

6#- I'm ready for the weekend. Seriously.

7#- Excited about seeing Young House Love (John and Sherry) on the Nate Berkus Show on Monday.

8#- just had to post this pic of O and some of his classmates in music today. Percussion stations. They're the BEST!

Happy Thursday!
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