Wednesday, October 27, 2010

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

Can you believe I'm actually posting my 'what I wore wednesday' pic on a wednesday?
Nope, me neither.
and let's just point out the gigantor trash can I'm standing next to.
Yep. You guessed it. I'm inside a bathroom at school since we have no full length mirror at the hizzie. Don't I look fab next to all that trash? top- TheLimited
pants- The Limited
fab flippy-floppies that you really can't see- Stamp Your Feet
fab ring that you really can't see- hospital jewelry sale

So we carved pumpkins monday night. It's been a tradition for quite some time for the hubs and I to try and 'outdo' each other. We're just competitive like that, but it's all in love my friends.
All in love. ;-)

I LOVE lifting off the top of them and seeing all the guts...

this was O's reaction-

E helped daddeeeee
(the hubs pumpkin is still a work in progress, so I'll post pics when it's done. It's already looking wicked awesome though. And he's not even using a template. He's got skillz.)
here's my finished pumpkin- Stormtrooper helmet

and....on the front steps
(p.s.- I made the wreath on the front door using a cheap-o grapevine wreath from the hob lob that cost around $2, and one of those large initials letter that they sell, which I of course purchased when they were half price. I just attached the letter to the wreath with some fishing line, and voila.... an initial wreath for around $12 total)'s where the randomness comes in.
1. When you stop school, and I mean completely cease any and ALL school activities at 12 noon so that you can watch Taylor Swift LIVE via satellite in NYC because she is helping to promote Scholastics 90th birthday, she better read a book. But she didn't. Not one page. Nada. She DID, however, talk about her album that dropped last week, answered some questions, and even sang a song from her new album. You know....the one that dropped last week?
Is it just me, or did that really not have anything to do with reading??? (just sayin...)

2. MalMal (my sis) came over tonight to make part of her Halloween costume. Can you guess who she's gonna be?
(those are fabulous S.E.I. iron-on letters from hob lob, by the way, and a solid tank. The whole project took less than 10 minutes and is something I'm sure she'll wear over and over. Or...maybe just the once.)
3. When you feel pressure on your chest and start to wonder if something you ate could be giving you heartburn, and then realize that something is actually POKING the outside of your chest and discover that the underwire from your bra has worked its way out and is headed up towards your neck, it's time to buy a new bra.
4. Wearing a big, fat, costume jewelry ring on your right hand causes a somewhat regal feeling to come across you and makes you want to make lots of gestures with said hand.
5. Carving pumpkins should forevermore take place in the kitchen on TILE and not in the living room on HARDWOOD.
6. Snuggling with your precious baby for 45 minutes in the morning will cause 2 things to happen. 1- it will make you NOT want to go to work so that you can continue to snuggle, and 2- it will cause you to miss your shower time, which means you go to work with crazy hair.

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