Sunday, October 24, 2010

A weekend of crazy (warning- it's a long one...)

I was expecting to spend this weekend seeing some great theatre, finishing some projects, and getting my house clean. Only one of those things actually came to fruition as it has been one doozy of a weekend...
The hubs and I did manage to have a date on Friday night. We had a giftcard to Chuck's that was burning a hole in my wallet (no joke), and it was opening night of The Secret Garden at Theatre Tuscaloosa. We scored free tickets (Thank you Jameson and Jill!) so our evening out was quite thrifty. Score.

The play was beautiful, although I'd rather have not been sitting next to one of my first grade students during the first act who liked to talk (loudly) to me and his father throughout the entire thing. He also moved around so much in his seat that he kicked me. A lot. I stopped counting at 14. Since when is The Secret Garden something you take 6 year-olds to? hmm??? Right. It's not. The show is full of gorgeous music, period costumes, and nothing whatsoever to hold a child's attention. We moved at intermission. But still, one of my favorite musicals. I had a ton of friends in it- they were superb. If you get a chance (it's playing next weekend too) head on down to the Bean-Brown. (hey...that rhymed) But don't take your kids. Trust me on this.

Saturday morning- I wake up early and pack my things for a crop at Holt Baptist. If you're not down with that lingo- a crop in this context is not an ear of corn or a tomato, but a gathering of people who make scrapbooks. I think the term comes from the fact that photos are 'cropped' and such, but I could just be making that up. Anyways.... I'd planned to take MM with me, as she is still a wee babe and would probably be fine in her stroller and might even sleep through most of it. Hubs however, was starting a new shift at work (5 pm-5 am) and brought E and O to me about half-way through. Let's just say that not much was accomplished after that. Not quite sure what I was thinking when I told him to pack of toys and bring them on over. They seemed to be on hyper-drive while there, so much in fact that I feel like apologizing to all of the other ladies who were trying to work. Ah well.....

Also, my mother got a call (after being there for only about 30 minutes) that my father had cut his hand with a table saw and needed to go to the hospital. That's right folks. The crazy just keeps on coming. He's fine now after 8 stitches and a handy-dandy bandage, although he is right-handed and wouldn't you know it- that's the hand he can't use. It was a bit amusing today at lunch to watch him work a fork left-handed. (love you Dad ;o)

Back to the crop.... after my children had run amuck, screamed, rolled around on the floor, and made their presence known to everyone within a 10-mile radius, I packed up my things, and them, and headed home. Wouldn't you know it that 2, yes TWO minutes into the drive home, E pukes her guts up. Yep, that's right. The entire contents of her body came out all over her precious kitty dress and her fab houndstooth carseat. It was a first for me. I've never had a child throw up in the car before. Heck, I'd never had a child VOMIT until O was 5. I know, I know..... that's pretty darn lucky. However, vomit in the car is not. It stinks. The entire car, not to mention the carseat. It makes me want to vomit, and I'm not kidding about that. I gagged. So....I scrubbed it again today (for the second time) and febreezed (for the second time). Here's hoping it's better in the morning so O and I don't have to smell vomit all the way to school tomorrow. And E never acted sick....she'd been rolling around, literally, with her brother on the floor and had a wicked case of the hiccups, so I just assumed that had something to do with it. However, she hasn't eaten much all day and was running a slight fever after lunch. (sorry to you mommies who might be reading this who have a child in E's class at church). I have no idea what's going on with her. I gave her some meds for the fever when we got home today and after her nap, the fever was gone. Just another reason I'm so thankful the girls are not in preschool anymore. Ma'am and MawMaw will take care of her and I won't have to worry about finding a sub.

Our afternoon plans came to a grinding halt, however, since I took E's temp about 3 minutes before O and I were planning to leave to see Stuart Little. It closed today, so we'll have to settle for seeing the video, which I KNOW can't compare to seeing it live. So many of my past voice students were in it and I was so looking forward to seeing them.

Planning to carve pumpkins tomorrow night and this excites me to no end. Each year the hubs and I have a competition to see who can carve the best pumpkin. We even had my voice students vote on them in the past. I guess this year I can post pics on here and on facebook and see what kind of feedback we get. And by the way, while we're on the subject.....I know the hubs new schedule is a bit more lucrative, but I don't like the fact that when he's home, he's sleeping. He made it to Sunday School with us, but came home after that to go back to sleep. At least he's on board for pumpkin carving 2010 tomorrow night since he can sleep all day. I'm glad he loves his job. I just miss him.

Before I sign off, I'd like to thank my mother for coming to my house and throwing Eliza in the bathtub after the great vomit incident so that I could try to clean the car. I'd also like to thank my MIL for coming over tonight to help get the kids bathed and in bed since hubs is at work. Grandmothers rock. (and I'd like to now apologize to them for not posting any pictures of the kids in this post and also for rambling on and on and on...........)
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