Wednesday, October 6, 2010

retail therapy

I need pants.
I don't want pants. I need them.
I have one pair of jeans that were purchased after Eliza was born once I started wearing non-maternity clothes. I got to wear them a total of 2 times before I was preggo again. SO...... I pulled them out again a couple months ago and they FIT! Wa-hoo!!!! However, since my low-cal diet and the Hairspray dancing, they are now too big. I can get into pre-Eliza jeans (which is OH so exciting) but, I still have too much of a belly. It hangs over... (I know, I know.......gross)
All of that to say.......while Clay was with E and O at church tonight, I was buying pants at Old Navy when I was supposed to be buying groceries at Target.

Do I look like a cool, hip, YOUNG mom who is going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow with her super-cool 5-year old son?

(I hope so) an odd sighting....
Clay straightening his closet.
My chin is still on the floor and I took this shot 7 hours ago.

Also spotted tonight....
A little girl on the run because she is wearing her brother's shoe.

And no worries......
I picked up groceries after I bought pants.

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