Friday, March 11, 2011

I drop it like it's hot at least 5 times a day...

my phone, that is

thank goodness the screen hasn't cracked into a million pieces on me, but I have broken a few cases, so today I'm on the hunt.

Look at these goodies I came across on etsy-
all from the seller dani notes

now, I'm gonna tell you straight up that the prices for the iphone cases are steep. Like, Mt. Everest steep.
But aren't they darling??

And they sell more than phone cases,
oh yes they do...

check out this cute tray that's also a little easier on the pocketbook-

can you tell I'm really digging chevron at the moment?

Anywho- just thought I'd share some etsy goodness with you today. Don't think I can quite bring myself to buy one of those ohsocute cases, but a more modestly priced, although not as cute one on ebay will do for now.

Have you found any great new online sources/shops lately?
Do tell...

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