Tuesday, March 15, 2011

random musings on a Tuesday...

1- it's our 2nd official day of Spring Break
It's 51 degrees outside
that doesn't feel springy to me
boo on you, 50 degree weather.
and the high today is only supposed to be 58.

2- I made the Pioneer Woman's salsa yesterday and oh.my.stars. it's good.

just like a restaraunt with NO big clumps.
I don't like clumpy salsa.
I just had some for lunch.
chips + salsa constitutes a meal.

and did you catch the I made part?
I bought stuff like a clove of garlic, and fresh cilantro, and cumin.
yes- cumin.

here's a pic of what my kitchen counter looked like as I was glued to my computer screen looking at how much of everything she was using while dumping ingredients into a food processor.

try not to be too jealous of my vintage countertops, mmkay?
oh yeah,
I had a giant food processor in a box under my cabinet. Received it as a gift a few years ago but never needed to process anything quite so large before.

3- I am currently still in my pjs.
I told ya so.

4- while I was picking up ingredients for salsa, I also shopped for the makings of skillet lasagna, chicken + noodle casserole, and an apple/ cinnamon crisp. That's right, trying to check a few more things off my list while making some yumminess for my fam. It's a win-win.
And since I'm off work this week (from school and rehearsal) I have more time in my day for things like chopping, and measuring, and melting, and baking.
did i just say baking?

5- did anyone else watch the finale of the Bachelor last night?
It's just pure theatrics folks. And the script to "After the final rose" reads just like it did last year, and the year before, and the year before...

why do I watch?
It makes me chuckle.
and I don't mean to sound like Debbie Downer, but did you SEE the 'happy' couple on that couch together??
I give them another 15 min before they split.

6- did a lil jumpin yesterday-

7- our desktop computer is on its last legs so my dad came over yesterday and transferred ALL 8,000 + photos from that computer onto my laptop.
thank you dad.
I now have those photos + 7,000 from his computer to sort through.
that's over 15,000 folks.
But I'm so excited because now I have all of our house pics (buying the house, ripping out carpet,  painting everything, etc...)
and pics from the birth of our first 2 kiddos all in one place.
(we had the laptop when MM was born)

just need to sort + put into labeled folders on the laptop.
that should only take me about 627 hours.

8- did I mention I was still in my pjs? I may not have a "what I wore Wednesday" post that doesn't involve a t-shirt + elastic waist pants.
ah well....

what have YOU been up to today?
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