Wednesday, March 2, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

Happy Wednesday friends!
I did a little better with the picture taking this week-
(linked with Lindsey)

#1- (Thursday) work & rehearsal 

O is posing with me on his 6th birthday, hence the 6 fingers on our hands...

sweater, top- Old Navy
jeans- French Connection (purchased in college!)
shoes- Target
prop- a brand-spankin-new 6 year old

I bought 4 different pairs of flats at Target last year when I was preggo and still love them all. And at 10 bucks a piece, they were a steal.

#2- (Saturday) Oliver's party

top & skinny jeans (even though you can't see them)- Old Navy
necklace- Lisa Leonard
MM's clothes- Gap Kids
props- MM and half of a pinata

#3- (Monday) work & rehearsal

dress- Target
coral flippy floppies- Old Navy
prop- light saber

#4- (Tuesday) work & rehearsal

top- Target
scarf, pants, flippy floppies- Old Navy
necklace- ebay
prop- lemons

Saturday night, after all of the party festivities were over, O and I played a game that was a gift from my parents. It's called Gassy Gus- have you seen it? You get food cards with different points on them and you have to pump Gus's head up and down, making his belly bigger and bigger until he, ummm...

Oliver got a big kick out of it, and frankly, so did I.


In honor of Dr. Seuss's birthday today, O's class is having crazy dress-up days that correspond with a Dr Seuss book for the next two weeks. Yesterday was crazy sock day-
I'd like to sincerely thank the CVS pharmacy near my son's school for carrying women's socks in their store to save moms like me who forgot to put crazy socks on their child before leaving the house.

my dad came over this afternoon to give O another present-

his very first BB gun, which my dad showed him how to aim and shoot today. Their target was a swiffer box and I'm proud to report that they both hit it.
* and just to clarify- this gift won't be staying at our house. It will remain locked up at my parent's home and only make appearances when my father or the hubs are with O and can supervise any and all activity with said object. We live in the South, and I think maybe this is a right of passage or something for little boys? O thought it was just the coolest thing and even did a victory dance when Pop pointed out to him that he'd hit the box.
He was so proud.

both girls had to go to the Dr Friday for re-checks to ensure that the RSV was completely gone.

Here's E practicing saying, "ahhhh", for the Dr-

and looking out the window of the waiting room. You can see the stadium and quite a bit of UA's campus from there.

Happy to report that both girls got the all clear.
thank you God

well, night #1 of March is over-
don't think I really accomplished much on my 31 by 31 list...

here's to a productive Wednesday...

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