Wednesday, March 23, 2011

today at the Mathews...

he lost another tooth.

this one he kept up with, unlike the first time.
(for the story on losing the 1st tooth and then truly losing it, read this)
The tooth Fairy is ready.


she was in a musical mood.

She was also in a rather bossy-say-no-to-everything-and-hit-my-siblings mood, but oh how fast she can flash a dimply grin and sideways eyes at me and make me forget that she was being naughty...

And the babe?
She's teething, and for the first time she let me know it.

over and
over and
over and
over and
over again....

poor girl.
Never once did she cry with the two on the bottom, but
darn those two comin in on the top...


For those of you interested, Beth at the Stories of A 2 Z is having a Spring Mantel linky on April 7. I've got a fun project I'm working on just for the occasion, but (and it's a big but) it will require me to be outside painting for a bit, so I'll not only need the weather to cooperate, but I'll need my kiddos to cooperate as well.
fingers crossed ...

What about you?
Have you springified your house yet?
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