Wednesday, March 30, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

before I get to my regular post for today,
could I ask for a favor?
A friend of ours received some troubling news yesterday and
needs our prayers-
could you please lift Brenda up today?
thank you

top/jeans- The Limited
black wedges- Old Navy
prop- plastic bat that happened to be on the stove at the time
don't you keep your bats on the stove?

top- Target
jeans- French Connection
scraf- hospital sale
prop- Storm Trooper mask which happened to be on the stove...
really it's more of a kitchen desk-
just sayin

same top as above, just a closer pic.
did I mention it's from Target?
Because it is.
And my fave necklace from Lisa Leonard.
have you seen her new home decor products?
They're awesomeness and would totally make great birthday gifts...

and I really should have included a 'before' shot of what the old nasty pair  looked like that he was currently wearing, but O picked out some much needed brandspankingnew tennis on Monday-
and in case any of you wondered,
they are, in fact, super-fast which was confirmed after taking several test runs around the store.
Perhaps 8-10 laps?
Once he was satisfied with their abilities, he made his choice.
Smart boy.

The hubs brother also got something new this week and dropped by to show us immediately after-

he's got trix up his sleeve.
get it?
He also happens to have a chip on his shoulder in the form of a pringle.
he's a crafty one...

**added this after getting to work and realizing I never actually put on shoes that are appropriate for the weather today. I slipped these on after showering and never again thought to change them. It's raining here and was 59 degrees when we left the house, and these are on my feet-

ah well...
yep- my toes are still green for St. Patty's...

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday friends-
linked with Lindsey today

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