Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday at our house (Spring Break edition)

***first things first***
could you do me a HUGE favor?
it will take 2 clicks of your finger.
that's it.
2 clicks-
1st- head to Modern Bird Studios facebook page here, and 'like' it
2nd- click on the pic of our 3 kiddos here and 'like' it.
the photo we entered was taken by Erin Schmidt Photography and looks like this:

that's it!
The most 'liked' photo will win their Spring 2011 photo contest and be turned into a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork. To see examples of their work, check out my last post here.

now- onto regular blog business...

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming (What I Wore Wednesday) since the lady of the house has put absloutely NO effort whatsoever into her clothing choices this week. In fact, she only took 1 pic of herself recently:

showing off her fab new slipcover

the lady of the house will also now stop referring to herself in third person.

I made pancakes this morning.
(take a sec to pick your chin up off the floor)
Chocolate chip pancakes with turkey bacon that were scrumdiliumptious.

I'm thinking this counts as 'making a meal for my family' which means I get to check off another 31 by 31. Right? Pancakes count even though they're insanely easy??

I also made the skillet lasagna last night and it was

even whipped up some garlic bread
this one definitely counts- I've had this recipe in my folder for, oh, maybe 6 years. It was a breeze to make and didn't even require baking. Only stovetop.
Pretty quick too- ready in about 40 minutes total.

 I saw this last night on facebook and have to share.
This will make you smile-
I promise

Hope you're having an awesome day!

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