Wednesday, March 9, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

happy Wednesday to you, or as I'm calling it,
happy 3-days-of-school-left-until-Spring-Break day!

Also- a big shout-out today to my friends Jordan and Barbie who are both celebrating birthdays today. Love you Jordan!

here's a few what I wore pics from the past week:
(all shot in different locations to spice things up a bit...)
linked with Lindsey

#1- 3.2.11 - on the trampoline
as if you couldn't tell...

top- Sams
yep. same place we buy gallon jugs of ranch dressing.
jeans- Old Navy
cute little boy- made by God

#2- 3.3.11- MM's 9-month check up

and later that night after rehearsal-

dress- Target
scarf, coffee cup- Old Navy
boots- Lucky Brand
(love that E was walking into the shot as the timer went off)

#3- 3.4.11- restroom at school

sweater- Sams Club
(yep. Same place I buy poptarts in bulk)
black top- Gap
jeans- Ralph Lauren
shoes- Dansko
necklace- Lisa Leonard
bracelet- QVC

#4- 3.8.11- after rehearsal
yes, I really love this sweater
yellow scarf- Target
top- Old Navy
jeans- The Limited


more pics from Dr. Seuss week at school

love how no one's touching the trampoline here...
and how the hubs is levitating here.
and here's sweet baby girl watching from her stroller

made my first diaper cake using a pretzel canister from Sams as the base.
yep. The same place we buy 127 rolls of toilet paper at once.

O received a phone call.
From a friend.
From a friend who's a girl.
A female.
A female friend called him up to talk.
They talked about what they'd done at school that day, Star Wars, and poopoo heads.
He told jokes and she laughed.

it's too soon for this.
way too soon.
I'm not ready.

O's class (along with 5 others) performed for PTO Monday night.
They were SO great!
Their music teacher is SO proud of them...

and here's what E wore last night.
so stylish.


and in crafting news-
my sewing machine is in the shop, so my little project is on hold until I get it back.
apparently there was thread where thread should never be...
(double argh)

but hey,
it's 3-more-days-til-Spring-break day.
I can handle it.

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