Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what I wore Wednesday and other randomness...

Howdy friends!
Did any of you check out the other risk-takers who linked up with Nester yesterday? Lots of awesomeness going on over there...

on to what I wore.
(linked with Lindsey today)
only 1 to share this week because I was a total slacker on the picture taking. And again, very rarely did I wear an 'outfit' during any part of Spring Break. That would have taken away from my sleep-late-then-play-with-my-kiddos-and-never-get-dressed-in-actual-clothes time.

date night with the hubs-
(and yes, I got to check off #21 on my 31 by 31 list)

I'd like to thank my hubs for snapping this pic

top/tank/skirt- Old Navy
necklace- Lisa Leonard
flippy-floppies- Steve Madden
ring- hospital jewelry sale

and since this post is originally about clothes,
I thought I'd share a few of the kiddos recent outfits-

Oliver's "Wacky Wednesday" outfit at school

don't you just love how trampoline hair goes with a tutu?

The hubs went to a 30th birthday party for a friend.
The party had a theme.
Can you guess what it was?
Oliver had to try one on for size...

E would rather strut around in her brother's ratty tennis shoes than sparkly princess heels-

she's just along for the ride.
In her pjs.
love it when she does that nose squench thing and her eyes get all squinty.

okay- so I dressed her in clothes at least once last week-

aaaaannnddd back to pjs

only 9 more weeks until summer-break-sleep-late-and-stay-in-our-pjs-all-day.

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