Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend recap + master bedroom pic

hello friends!
how was your weekend?
we had absolutely lovely weather here so I snapped a few pics of my kiddos playing outside in the sunshine-

also figured out how to use my camera to add some cool effects to my photos-
whatcha think?

Baby girl is now 10 months old, and for the first time in 10 months
she was unwilling  to sit still next to bear for her monthly photo-

Thanks ever so much to Mr. Benny, Jo, Farris, and Mary Jane for the delish Gigi's cupcakes.
and no- I didn't share.
I'm selfish like that.
Plus, I like my children calm.

10 months also means that we're greeted by a standing baby girl in the mornings-

more outside playtime on Saturday-

also did a lil' shopping at Midtown.
Can't pass by the fountain without throwing a few coins in-

Ready for church Sunday morning-

MM with Pop at church

There was a spaghetti lunch + dessert auction after church in the fellowship hall-

This houndstooth cake caused quite the bidding war-
Lots of die-hard Bama fans here.
If I'm remembering correctly, this one sold for $240, and when the winning bidder cut into it...

This is what he found-

The music minister at our church made it
(She's an Auburn fan)
You should have seen the faces of the folks about to eat it!

I cleaned another room in the house so that it would be picture-worthy.
This is our current  master bedroom- 

and I say current because I'm already working on a quick + easy update.
We've had the same bedding since we were married, and let's just say that the bedspread has seen its share of snotty noses, spit-up, and all manner of things that small children tend to do to objects which greatly lower their genuine worth.

New bedding is in order, along with some DIY art for the walls and perhaps some drapes?

I'll be sharing pics as soon as I have some 'afters'.

How was your weekend?
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