Thursday, April 7, 2011

things I'm loving right now...

the instagram app on my phone & spray paint

pics of me + my babes

 a baby girl who is pulling up on everything...

and a big brother who gives support when it's needed.
also love that chicka in the shades...

beautiful new fabrics to play with
(new sofa pillows coming soon...)

still lovin these new effects options on my camera and can't believe I didn't know how to access them until just last week.
totally should have read that manual.

a first time for strawberries

an ice cream truck in our neighborhood.
we weren't quick enough this time, but I can guarantee the next time we hear the faint sound of its music inching closer, we will hit the ground running...

new pretties from my sis for my birthday-
thank you!

what things are you loving right now?

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