Saturday, April 16, 2011

did I mention it's been a long week?

our neighborhood was on the Today Show today which would normally mean that we're total rock stars,

today it actually meant that a tornado ripped through our street.

I can now mark hunker down in hallway with mom, MIL, and 3 kiddos while listening to the roaring sound of the tornado train overhead OFF of my list of things to do.
not that it was really even on my list...

Only after coming out of our hallway and looking outside did we truly understand just how much God had protected us. Our lot is almost 2 acres with many many trees surrounding our house. A huge pine and magnolia in the front yard fell away from the house towards the street. Another pine to the right of the house also fell towards the street. Oliver's trampoline took about a 50-yard flight to land in the pear tree outside his bedroom window. A tree from our across-the-street neighbor's house fell towards us, crashing with the pine and magnolia, and bringing down the power lines to rest at the end of our driveway and in the street.

but God's hand was on us.

that's our mailbox and one of the trees from across the street at the end of our driveway. Power lines are under the tree.

One of the magnolias from our yard. In the back, you can see the power lines being pulled down.

I find it so odd that several trees were pulled out of the ground, and yet, Eliza's little pink car is still here.


Did I mention how incredibly blessed we are?

I met some of our neighbors from down the street for the first time yesterday- they were so sweet to come and knock on our door to check on us. Also met several police officers that were back and forth in our front yard since our street was impassible because of the mess.
That's a word, right?
Don't recall ever using it before...

My sis and her boyfriend were quick to get to us as well, trudging through several flooded yards in Tory Burch flats no less.
My sis, not the boyfriend.
Only after leaving our house did the boyfriend go to check on his own house,
only to find this-


We also learned that part of the roof caved at their office building on campus.

and did I mention that I missed opening night of Cinderella?
I've never missed an opening before.
Broke my heart to not be with my cast and crew,
but all I could do last night was look at each of my babes and be grateful.

We're headed out now to see what's happening on our street.
Shows at 2 and 7 today too.

hoping for a little less excitement today...
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