Thursday, April 21, 2011

we now return you to regularly scheduled programming...

thank you, Comcast, for finally restoring our craving for PBS Sprout and the internet. I'm ever so grateful.

I found it odd, however, that the power was restored within 31 hours where there were no poles because the storm snapped them in half and you, Comcast, took 6 days. Still grateful to have that HGTV back and all, just sayin...

It feels so nice to blog again from home,
on my computer,
in my own little corner, in my own little chair...
O is still on a Cinderella kick and so it was our soundtrack of choice on the ride to and from school today.

Here's a tip if you live in the same city as a Chick-fil-a-
(and if you don't, my sincerest condolences)

They give away free milkshakes every Wednesday from 2-4.
Did you hear me??

cookies and cream on the left for O, banana pudding on the right for me


Two days ago, the hubs and I both had to fill our cars up with gas. Our gas total that day came to 205 U.S. currency.

Do you have any idea how many
articles of clothing from Target
pairs of shoes
remnant fabric bundles
groceries I could have bought with that?

yeah, groceries...
that's what I thought of first.
For the kids and whatnot.


I am currently listening to the hum of a chainsaw cutting up chunks of trees in the front yard that are too big for tree-and-leaf-pick-up-trucks to pick up and put in the back of their trucks. It's so weird to look out of the front windows of the house and not be able to see the street.


Cinderella peeps-
I'm making another button under my header just to house pics from the show. Maybe you'll see one you like,
maybe you'll just like browsing through them,
maybe you're still singing songs from the show because you can't get them out of your head...

to see my show pics, click HERE

I didn't even post them all.
Yes, I'm a picture-taking freak.

I get to don Velma one last time tonight for a Hairspray performance at the Druid Arts awards. Pretty pumped.
Love it when I get to don any costume...

more later-
guess that's enough catching up for now.
Did I mention how much I've missed you, internet?

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