Tuesday, April 5, 2011

more house tour pics + bedroom inspiration

And no.....not that kind of inspiration, you gutter-minds!
I'm talking decor inspiration here,

I spent some time yesterday adding pics to my house tour tab-
the nursery and the master bedroom are now included for all of your viewing pleasure. Since I'm working on changing things up a bit in the master, here's a quick reminder of what things look like in there now-

yes- we still have a pack-n-play in there because we're scared our girls will wake each other up with their random night noises. Aren't you impressed that it at least matches our bedding?

here's some hints as to which direction I'm headed with the room-



oh...and did I mention?
one of the walls in our kitchen is smoooooth.
did you hear me?
the 1960 paneling is going buh-bye!

(sing it with me now)

have a lovely day!
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