Thursday, June 30, 2011

A little something for the 4th

Happy Thursday friends!
Hope you're having a great day!
I'm still pluggin right along with my party decor for this weekend.
I made huge strides yesterday with E's Barbie table and it's ready for the food,
I want to share my 4th of July decor with you first.
Also found some great free printables which I'll link to at the bottom of this post-

Here's the foyer-
or foy-yay...

I'm still sticking pretty much to the basics that I always use-
1) free holiday printable in a frame
2) color specific flora in the flower boxes
3) something holiday-specific on the table
aaaaaaaand scene.

The flags in the tiny white pitcher came from the dollah spot at Target and were actually three for a dollah.

The pinwheels came from this kit I showed you on Monday-

picked that up at the hob lob last week for 40% off and they were super-dee-duper easy to make.
And quite adorable, I might add...

And you know me,
or maybe you don't,

I thought the pinwheels would be a cute, festive addition to the flowers,
not to mention the fact that they pretty much scream,
"This is a fuuuuun house! There's kids everywhere! Come on in and play!"
Don't you hear them?

And thanks to the lovely ladies over at eighteen25, this printable was absolutely FREE.

kinda wish it had the entire pledge on it so that UNDER GOD was included,
but still pretty...

And another full-body shot...

Since this is what our guests will see when they enter the front door, I couldn't leave it without a little holiday sumpin-sumpin,
I added a couple of those flags,
some red ribbon,
and made some mini tissue poms,...

and voila!

If you've never made tissue poms, but would like to know how,
there are literally tons of tutorials out there,
Holly's is by far the funniest, so I'll link you to THAT ONE

And there ya have it friends-
a little something for the 4th at the Mathews.

I also must share with you the prettiness that the hubs put together for our back-door friends-

Aren't those a pretty, welcoming sight to see?
Much better than the target bags with poo diapers in them that are usually thrown there until one of us walks them to the trash.
Can I get an Amen?

I've found a couple of other 4th of July printables that you might enjoy-
(Fourth of July subway art from eighteen25 is HERE)

This My Country Tis of Thee can be found HERE:
from kiki creates

And these cute as a button pinwheels can actually be printed for free HERE.
Instructions are even included in the post!
from the long thread

Happy crafting!

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