Friday, October 7, 2011

Around the town: Tuscaloosa style

As I mentioned Wednesday, Oliver's class (and two others) went on an 'around the town' field trip yesterday and it was awesomesauce. Of course, any class in any town in any state can go around the town and see the sights that their particular city has to offer, but today, these kids and a few lucky parents were able to see the latest addition to the stadium, go into the players locker room, take a cruise down the Black Warrior while eating lunch on the Bama Belle, as well as watch a Police helicopter take off at the airport.
It was all kinds of cool.
Here's a few shots from each of the places we visited yesterday-
Tuscaloosa Airport/Fire station

Oliver's thoughts on this vehicle?
It's a transformer.
Of course.

Bryant-Denny Stadium

Recruiting room-

Locker Room-

I'd love some houndstooth tile in MY bathroom...

The Bama Belle-

Post Office, Downtown Tuscaloosa

It was such a fun day and I was so thrilled to have found a sub to fill in for me so that I could go. We're enjoying a day off from school today, as well as next Monday & Tuesday for Fall Break. We'll also be attending the homecoming parade on Saturday (my seester is a judge!). So many exciting things going on for the weekend.
Do you have any big plans?
Have you ever eaten lunch on a boat with 54 first graders?
Have you ever seen a fancier locker room in your life?

Me neither.

Happy Friday friends!
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