Monday, October 3, 2011

craft fair

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope your weekend was smashing!
Wanted to post some pics of the craft fair and tell you what an amazing experience it was. Loved seeing all of the other booths and talking with some of the other crafters. One of them even turned out to be someone I went to college with! Had a wonderful day with my aunt and ate some delicious food.
Too much delicious food, says the button on my jeans...

Here's a few pics of my booth and a look at a few of the others-

I used vintage suitcases to prop some of the larger memo boards on

The hubs built the bases for those posts that are holding some of my banners. I'll tell ya more about that soon...

So that's my booth!
A big, huge THANK YOU to my aunt for talking to me about having a booth in the first place, AND to those of you who came to see me! I can't tell you how much it meant! A big huge thanks to my seester for bringing me coffee, and a big huge thanks to Merrill who is away at college but reads my blog and sent her parents! They were actually my first sale of the day, and I admit, when they told me what they wanted, I was a bit dumb-founded for a minute. I was so excited just to be there and to have completed so many projects that I didn't really think through the actual 'selling' of the items. I had no change! No nothing! It was just such a pleasant surprise each time someone made a purchase. (Thanks also to my mum who bought the most..haha) Seriously. And I love the fact that one of the women who bought a flower pin put in on before she even left the fair.

Wonderful experience.
Planning to do it again.
Much thanks to my hubs for his help in the cutting, building, and stapling department.

Here are just a few of the other booths that were there-

Can't wait for the next one.
More later...

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