Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No hoo-ha and a shop update

I've been crazy busy lately stocking the shop which caused a lack of posting yesterday, but I wanted to share just a few things with you-

1. We had dinner with my hubs family Monday night, not just for the sake of enjoying some deliciousness together at Olive Garden, but also to find out whether our kiddos would soon be playing with a little boy cousin, or a little girl. My sis-in-law, Mary Katherine, (yup, same name different spelling) is preggo with a wee one, and as everyone knows, "the day" you find out if you'll be buying pink or blue is pretty important. We endured the usual small talk while being seating, and then my hubs brother pulled out this:

leading us to believe that the bag was a sign of pigtails and Barbies and pink,

it was just a tactic to throw us off,
a trick,
a flim-flam,
a bamboozlement, if you will.

Because this was inside:

There's a wee one with a weenus on the way!

My brother-in-law was quite proud of the weenus.
QUITE proud.
O was also excited about the news as he has enough estrogen around him all the time as it is.
Yay for little boys.
yay for little girls who want to see the little boy in the funny-looking black and white photos...

Sweet baby boy.
Sweet little weenus.
Excited to be an aunt.

2. I've been cutting and sewing like a crazy madwoman, but let's face it-
there are very few things I enjoy as much as cutting and sewing...
and acting like a madwoman.
 I digress...

I added a few more items to the shop- flowers in pumpkin, baby pink, pink + white gingham, and plum chiffon, as well as a few sets of note cards. ALL PERFECT FOR GIFT-GIVING. DID YOU HEAR THAT, INTERNET?

just sayin.

Also made lots of crimson + houndstooth flowers. A hybrid, if you will. Thanks go to David for the brilliance of that idea.

3. And lastly, since we can't turn down a free meal, we had chili at my parent's house last night and this was hanging on their mantel-

You remember when you were young and your parents would hang your artwork on the fridge to show you how proud they were?

It was like that, only in a grown-up version.

(Internet, that's your cue to "awwww...")

**You can get your very own flower pins,
note cards, and houndstooth banners HERE***

Happy Wednesday Friends!
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