Thursday, October 27, 2011

New shop items and a giveaway

Hello friends!
Sorry for my lack of posting as of late...
I'm learning how to re-stock shop items and teach full time and be a mommy full time and a wifey full time and oh bytheby the babe is teething and E and O are both coughy and snotty.
Too much info?
just keeping it real.
So, thank you for hanging with me while I try to sew and wipe snot off my shoulder and attempt to make something edible for my fam to eat.
Hopefully not simultaneously.
That could make for some unsanitary food.
Moving on.

I listed a few new shop items last night that I wanted to share with you here-

Finally just went with the best pictures I could get at 10:00 pm with no natural light, so the stockings are *finally* in the shop-

New flower colors are Melon-

and Mint

New flower pattern is Blue/White stripe-

and I've listed 2 wool felt flowers,


and Fuschia-

**Please note that, just as it says in each of the flower listings, I can attach these to a headband OR a pin. Either one. Whatever suits your fancy. Whatever floats your boat. Whatever dings your bell. Whatever toots your whistle.**
Perhaps I should have left 'toot' out of it...

As to the giveaway portion of the title of this post-
I've noticed that I'm super close to reaching 200 followers on GFC, so as soon as I do, I'll be giving away a $25 shop credit-
Good for evah whatcha want in my shop.

Maybe it will happen this week?
Maybe next?

In the somewhat altered words of Antoine Dodson,
I implore you to,
"Tell ya kids, tell ya wife",
or in this case,
maybe just tell ya friends...

Happy Thursday!
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