Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now there's two studs in the bedroom

First off, thank you SO much for all of your kind words about my new venture. I'm pretty excited myself and have already made several sales, and for that I am SO grateful. God has provided a wonderful way to sell stuff to the internets for those of us who, well.... just can't seem to stop making stuff. And no, I didn't list any of my other goods yesterday because a) it wasn't prime picture taking weather, and b) I played with my kids instead. Maybe today...
Now- onto the subject at hand.

that's right.
hubs is no longer the only stud in the master these days.

meet Moe:

Ever since I developed a love for white ceramic animals, I've had my eye on this guy. We have this blank wall space in between the two closets in the master that was screaming out for....something. I could've gone the way of the ever popular sunburst mirror, but I couldn't get Moe outta my head.
Why Moe?
 Couldn't say.
He just seemed like a Moe to me...

So, I'd love to know-
The whole deer head/antler trend going on right now-
are you yay or nay?
for or against?
friend or foe?
amigo or, ummm...el enemio?
(Laura, you'll have to tell me what enemy is en Espanol)

For some of my favorite examples of deer head/antler use, please observe the following:

As part of a gallery wall?

Above an ikat bookcase from IKEA?
Oh yes.
Beautiful antlerage + organization= fabulousness
in my opinion

And here's my favoritest example of all time,
and yes I know favoritest is not a word.
Sometimes you just need to use it when something is so awesome.

The nursery that Katie designed for her offspring.
Now, tell me-
doesn't that white deer look amazing on that pallet wall?
Love it.
I mean, love. it.

So- what's the concensus?
 Love it or leave it?
Because I'm lovin' mine...
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