Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Trick-or-treating on sorority row

We were excited.
Oh so excited.
A night of trick-or-treating before the big day itself?
We're there.
Sorority row.
We live just down the street from campus.
University of Alabama.
Roll Tide and whatnot.

We costumed the kiddies,
grabbed two pumpkin buckets and one Darth Vader bucket, and

And then we saw this:

Ginormous amounts of people.
There were people everywhere.

We parked, made a few costume adjustments, and snapped a few pics.

Super Girl is so fast she's blurry.

And then we walked,

and walked,

and walked.

And even though there were literally throngs of people there,
yes throngs,
the sorority gals were all quite sweet.
They spoke to each of the kids and gave them hoards of candy.

There's a perfectly lovely piece of bacon giving Jango Fett some chocolate.
That may be the weirdest sentence I've ever typed.

When we had had enough walking,

and when we had way more candy then we could ever need,

and when we had caught up with most of our friends from church,

we decided to call it a night.

Because friends,
when a fully grown male throws on an elephant costume and pushes your kiddos out of the way to get a snack-size snickers,
well it's time to go home.

See the elephant in the picture above?
Not makin' it up, friends.
Big AL my arse...

On the way home I decided to try out the new camera on my phone, and folks,
lemme tell ya-
it rocks my socks off.
The flash is so spectacular that it caused my sweet MM to shut her eyes.
See that?

Now be honest,
would you ever have guessed that pic came from a PHONE CAMERA?

Wanna know what else is clear?

It should be crystal clear to any outsider that we give our kids candy once every never.
Poor E wanted to sneak some of it so bad that she straight up sucked half the wrapper + half the sucker in just a few short minutes in the car. She's one clever little gal. Had her entire hand wrapped around the stick with her arm propped up on the arm rest of her seat all to hide the fact that she was eating forbidden fruit. To be fair, we did allow her one piece after she ate her supper.

I've never seen a two-year old scarf down a bowl of chili in under 2 minutes before.

Happy Tuesday!

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