Monday, October 31, 2011

Pumpkin Carving: 2011 edition

Happy Monday Friends,
and Happy Halloween!

Today I wanted to share with you just ONE of the many projects we checked off of our list over the weekend.
Carvin' up some pumpkins.

The hubs and I are pretty competitive when it comes to, well...
so punkin' carvin' is no exception. I'm planning to do a "Pumpkin Carving 101" post in a few days but for now, here's what we ended up with this year as well as a few pics from previous years.

The hubs 2011 pumpkin:

Hubs did most of his carving last Thursday, outside, but since it's starting to actually feel like Fall around here, I opted to do my carving inside. The girls got in on the 'take out the pumpkin guts' action but Oliver wasn't interested.

Just ignore the laundry on the rack and the dishes on the counter and the ponytail holder around the cabinet door handles, mmmkay?

My 2011 pumpkin:
complete with eyelashes.
do you see them?
I worked hard.

pssst- if you think Instagram is a cool photography app, try camerabag.
Also totally cool.

And now, for some pumpkin archives-

Here's the hubs 2010 Death Star Pumpkin-

and my 2010 Storm Trooper Helmet-

I think we skipped over 2009.
Probably due to lack of sleep from a little girl.
Her name rhymes with Schmeliza.

hubs is Darth Vader, mine is Thespians.

hubs Transformers symbol thingy

and my sweet lil' Nemo

hubs Star Wars

and my Charlie Brown and Snoopy

I also carved this Blues Clues punkin' that year for my preschool classroom-

And, I just so happened to have dug up a pic of my musical pumpkin from 2005.

So that's a walk through our pumpkin carving history.
Can you believe how many Star Wars pumpkins were in there?
Can you believe how many times I said the word pumpkin in this post?
There's another.
What about you?
Do you carve pumpkins?
Are you super competitive?
Do you and your spouse place bets on whose pumpkin will get the most 'likes'?
Yeah, us neither...

Hey! Pssssst!
I totally made it to 200 followers, so look for a giveaway post later this week.
Someone will win their choice of goodies from my shop, and I worked on a few new items over the weekend!
Thanks so much for being awesome readers!
I mean it-
you all totally rock!
I hope your Monday does too!

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