Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Big news. Huge. Gargantuan.

I did it.
The one item on my list that I felt would definitely take the longest to accomplish has, well, taken a while to accomplish.
Especially when you consider I made my list 7 and a half months ago.
Most of you already know that I spent the majority of my day off yesterday photographing + listing items on etsy.
I'm totally a shop owner.
So far, I've listed flower pins and pennant banners-
still have cards, memo boards, pillow covers, and headbands to go-
hoping to get those up and running today.

A huge thanks goes out to my hubs who took the girls out to play yesterday when he got home, since their 2-hour naptime felt like it lasted all of 10 minutes. Good gravy why does naptime always seem to fly by??

Also, thanks goes to my mum who invited O to spend what's turned out to be ALL of his Fall break at their house. Not complaining, but when you call and tell me he's going to stay over yet another night, and when I have to ask to speak to him on the phone because by golly I miss him, well folks, that just seems like a bit of kidnappery to me.
moving on...

One of the many cool things about making + listing my items from home is that while I'm out taking pictures of pennant banners,
like this-

there was a lil' cutie running around in her Daddy's hockey helmet,
who looked like this-

In fact, I can hear that lil' cutie talking in her crib now.
Time to go.

To visit my etsy shop, go HERE.
I'll be adding new items throughout the day.
Still haven't picked out a shop name or design. Workin' on it...
So thankful for this break from school.
Anyone else out there on Fall Break as well?
Anyone else enjoying 80 degree temps during Fall break?
Anyone else catch Castle last night?
GoodgollymissMolly when is she going to admit she knows he said
 "I love you"?!?!

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