Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father's Day and a weekly recap

Happy Monday friends!
Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend celebrating the Dads in your life!

First off- I must give a big welcome to my newest followers-
TipJunkie featured my wallflower project and my blog shot through the roof last night, so thank you TipJunkie, and thank you to those of you who took the time to look at my project!

I took a little break from blogging over the weekend (sorry Christa) and played and swam and surprised my hubs and worked on my tan (safely) and basically just spent an entire weekend thanking God for his blessings. We had amazing weather here in AL, albeit HOT, but still....quite beautiful.
 Since all of my posts last week were craft related and contained zero pics of my kids, I will now catch my family and friends (and whoever else cares to know) up on what we've been up to-

Finally took MM's 12-month pics with Bear. (I've taken a shot of all of my kiddos next to Mr. Bear on their birthday for each of their first 12 months.) I had this dress made for her party since her theme is Very Hungry Caterpillar. More info on the etsy shop and the lovely lady who made the dress HERE.

such a cute pose, but I'm not quite sure how she ended up with a drum stick in her hand. Ah well....
And- there's a peek at the new wallflowers in the nursery behind her.

My handsome hubs.
Not really a story here, just like to look at him.
And yes, that's an old school mower he's using.
The pool at the bottom of the slide was hubs idea.

There's two of my three cuties.
Pretty sure number three was napping...
Star Wars legos.
All. the. time.

Her name is Eliza and this is where she likes to drink her fake orange juice.

She and her sis were also channeling Audrey on this day with their
"Little Black Onesies" that I picked up at Wal-mart when I was buying myself a tank for THIS project.

Her name is Eliza and sometimes she likes to brush her teeth for 30 minutes.
In a see-through tutu and princess top.
Thank goodness she put the tiara on the sink so it wouldn't topple off onto the floor.

Went to a cookout at the parent's house last week-
this is my seester's friend cookin up some grub.
As Wonka would say, "It's scrumdillyumptious"!

MM with the one person whose name she says the MOST-
"Pop Pop"

My mum (L) with my Mannie and Aunt.

My sweet Mannie and Grandaddy

And here's what I surprised the hubs with on Saturday. Since he'd be working all day Sunday, I enlisted my Dad's help to pick it up and have it waiting for hubs at the back door when he got home from a kayaking trip.
(Yes, I even made a bow. Because that's how I roll)

Oliver also surprised him with a Clone Wars lego that he picked out himself.
(O is requesting that I type its official name- the Cad Bane Speeder, for those who might like to know...)

Happy Father's Day to one amazing baby daddy!
We love you!

The one and only pic I took on Father's Day of us in the pool waiting for Daddy to get off work. We had a wonderful morning at church, lunch with my parents and grandparents, and then spent the afternoon swimming. Fabulous day!

Which brings us to TODAY-
it was O's first day of swimming lessons for the summer and he had a blast.

Here's to many more weeks of blazinghot days at the pool with my kiddos.

And- one last thing.
I'll leave you with a preview of what I gave MY Pops for Father's Day.
I'll share the details and more pics in a post later this week, but for now, here's a hint-

Can't wait to show you more!
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