Friday, June 10, 2011

a hodge-podge, if you will

hello friday.
hello two girlies who slept in the same room.
hello baby girl that woke up her big sis at 7 am.
hello early morning.
hello new black leotards that were 3 bucks at Old Navy and cry out to be danced in.

hello scrunchy face.

hello sisters.

hello toot-toot.
hello stink in my nose.

hello tickles.

hello new mantel additions-
hello huge 'M' from JoAnn,
painting from this etsy shop,
and painting from my sweet little 6 year-old Star Wars lovin' boy.

hello room that's

hello new Jonathan Adler chevron phone case.

hello music I'm loving right now-

hello new movies I love-

seriously can't stop quoting this.
yes it has some saucy language,
but it's high-larious.

this one was slightly less funny, but none the less, a fantastic film.
not to mention it was on my 31 by 31, so I was able to check that baby off.
Colin Firth is simply divine.
this film also has a bit of saucy language, but it's for a good cause.
pinky promise.

Hello 2 little girls who just went down for a nap.
helloooooo craft time....
adios for now.
Happy Friday!
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