Tuesday, June 7, 2011

VBS: day 1 and a quick weekend recap

Praise God for a wonderful first day of VBS! We had an excellent group today (wish I'd remembered to count how many were there) and I think all involved had a great time. It was HOT, but the pavilion (is that what it's called?) provided plenty of shade and we were blessed with lots of cool breezes.
It was a perfectly lovely day.

Here's some pics from day 1

Carol from Capernaum tells the bible story. She plays the role of my MIL in real life...

Ms. Emily's class

Oliver and Eric act out the bible story

Lisa, Sharon, and Kay with their group

Jane and Donna's group

and Cathie and Patti's group. I think my MIL helped with this group as well. There were also volunteers in each group from First Baptist, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. What a huge blessing their help and presence was to us today.

And just across the street from our bible stories and our crafts and our bouncy houses...

are the pieces that the storm left behind.

Back to crafts-

and lunch-

and bouncing-

what an incredibly fun day.
can't wait to see what day 2 has in store.
will try and remember to have someone photograph Melanie and me teaching the dances to the songs each day as I'm sure you'll want to see that....

This may come as a shock, but I actually didn't take many pictures last weekend. Not because we didn't do anything, but because I was actually so incredibly busy that I didn't have the time OR I was doing something that didn't include being able to hold a camera.

Friday night I went to see the ACT's production of Sweeney Todd.
It was amazeballs.
Saturday I cleaned all the livelong day and then went to the hub's joint birthday party at a friends house. While I didn't take any pics of the shenanigans that went on, I did take lots of video.
I'll be sharing as soon as they're uploaded.
Get ready.
Sunday we went to church, had lunch, and then I proceeded to do my 5th and 6th loads of laundry in less than 18 hours.
I've been a total cleaning machine lately.
Some of the only pics I took were these in the car after church on Sunday-

3 in the backseat.
Miss E has her Barbie iphone and her glasses.
All is right with the world, until...

somehow the cheap plastic cell phone ends up in the wrong hands.
Evidently, the stares and the protests and the outstretched hands were too much for him to take, and so he returned said cheap plastic cell phone...

and once again,
all was right with the world.

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