Monday, June 27, 2011

It's party time and a weekend recap

Happy Monday everyone!
Hope you had a great weekend!
We had absolutely beautiful weather, once again!
 Went to a birthday party, did a lil' shopping, and spent some time in my aunt and uncle's pool yesterday.

And speaking of summer, it's a season of the year when we're usually NOT celebrating birthdays at our house. In our family of 5, we have one birthday in February, one in March, and three in May. However, some unexpected circumstances arose and parties got postponed, and then postponed again, and so...this Saturday we will be celebrating the birthdays of 2 little girls at our house.

We've decided to have a very low-key party with our family and friends-
I didn't even send out invitations.
Can you believe it?
Nevermind that our only computer with a word processor is broken and I refuse to pay money for invites when I can make them myself. Just not with a broken computer...

You may recall I posted about the themes of their parties many moons ago, but here's a quick recap- 
Eliza is all about shoes and Barbie right now, so her party theme will be some of this:

with a little of this on the side-

by the way- this is THE most precious book about a little girl that loves to wear her mommas high-heels. You can find it on Amazon HERE if you know of a little girl who needs this.
Sweet story, gorgeous illustrations, perfect for my E.

Mary Martin's party theme is this:

We'll have a dessert table for each of them so that I can use all of this party stuff I bought back in March and April. And since Saturday happens to be the 2nd of July, you know I'll have to throw in some red, white, and blue decor as well. I'll be posting my projects all week long, with the grand finale being the party itself. Oh how I just LOVE crafting for a party. Here's a peak at what I'll be tackling first-

found these topiary things at the hob lob on friday and have a grand plan for them on MM's birthday table. Just need to do a little spray painting, and cover with some moss and felt.

found these on clearance at the hob lob.
also plan to spray paint and use on MM's table.
you won't even recognize them when I'm done.

here's some of that patriotic flair I talked about adding-
scored these at 40% off at hob lob, and since I own a small fortune of srapbook paper, I plan to make LOTS of these suckers. LOVE me some pinwheels.

this pennant banner is actually what I was working on the other night when my machine died. Still haven't heard the outcome. (it's still in the shop)
Here's hoping it's fixed and home soon so I can finish that baby and hang it up!

and for the grandmas-

O man picked out this lego for hubs for Father's Day and they spent all of Thursday afternoon putting it together.

of course, it made this little girl jealous that O was getting to play with Daddy and she was not...

speaking of that little girl, she now likes to help with the laundry.
She also likes to tell you what each piece of clothing is before she throws it in the dryer.
Laundry time is lasting a bit longer these days...

Today at the pool.
Oh how I love how well our kiddos sleep after they've been swimming all day...

and this little one?
well she's just cute.

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