Thursday, June 16, 2011

craft #4: fun with iron-ons

If you're joining me for the first time for craft week, here's a quick recap-
On Monday I knocked-off some Urban Outfitters wallflowers,
On Tuesday I turned some formula cans into storage containers,
and on Wednesday I made a houndstooth monogram
(while this is a blog series, each craft can stand on its own, just like the plots in the Toy Story movies. Same characters...different story lines)
get it?

Moving on to craft #4 for the week-

I know what you're thinking...
"Does that really qualify as crafting?"

Well friends, anything that requires me to plug up the ole' iron is an automatic qualification as a craft, since the only time I use that thing is to press fabric as I'm sewing, or more recently, to adhere iron-on letters.
I heart my steamer.

The inspiration for today's projects actually came to me as I was cleaning out drawers.
Dresser drawers, that is...

This was one of my favorite tanks in college-

It's made by a brand called Parallel, and at one time I also had a top by the same brand that read,
"Those shoes don't go with that bag".
Funny, huh?

Also found this t-shirt from Old Navy-

nope, didn't even iron it before taking its pic.

I bought this about 7 years ago for my mom (sneaky) and then prompty stole it when I had my first child. Love the saying, love the font, but the fit of the tee isn't right anymore.
Too short.
So...I thought I'd try and make another one.
New piece of clothing,
same snarky comments.

I picked up a plain turquoise tee last week at Target while grocery shopping and felt great about only paying 8 bucks for it,
I went to Wal-mart and found some cute tanks for 3.88.
I'm a Target gal myself. Nothing against Wal-mart, in fact I still find cause to go there on occassion, but both Wal-marts in town are a good 15 minutes away while Target is a quick 3 minute trip from my driveway.

I digress...
(and the Target tee is a-goin back)
Here's what I found at Wal-mart-

Two cute tanks for me, and one green tee for a cute lil' 6-year old boy.

All ringing in at a cool 3.88 a piece.

The rub-ons I used were actually courtesy of my sis.
Remember that tank we made for her Halloween costume?
She let me keep the leftovers...

This particular set is by S.E.I. and cost 2.99 at the hob lob, may it rest in peace.

My first project was for the sweet lil' 6-year old boy who lives in a constant state of Star Wars.

The letters are easy as pie to attach-
peel them off the card,
arrange them on your shirt, bag, underwear, whatever...
and iron.
That's it.

In fact, it was SO easy, I quickly grabbed something else to which I could, um, adhere to.

Exhibit B-
plain, black, sad little make-up bag

30 seconds later and it's sporting a brand new monogram.
see how this could be addicting?

Then the hubs made his entrance...

I showed him the Jedi shirt and the make-up bag, and told him about the
 "My kid is a genius" shirt.

(This is his my-wife-is-the-coolest-most-creative-person-ever look,
by the way)

"But you don't have a kid", he said.
"You have kids."

Hmmm...I thought.
he was right
"Why don't you write,
My kids are geniuses," he said.
Hmmm...that could work, I thought.
And then,
he came up with this-

He took it from snarky to
Who doesn't love a good grammatical error, done in jest?
love it

oh how that makes me chuckle every time I look at it,
and not just because of the crazy look on my face.

Don't you want one?
Yep, I thought so.

So tell me-
any of you make anything silly/pretty/decorative with iron-ons?
I'd love to know.

Seriously- I've got tons of letters left and I'm itching for something else to do with them...

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