Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Sunday & are you ready to get yo craft on??

Hope you're all having a wonderful day!
It's gorgeous and sunny here in T-town-
my girlies are napping, and O and I are having a bit of ice cream while I work on some posts for next week.

I have so many crafty ideas to share that this could turn into TWO weeks of crafts,
 so far, not a single one has cost me over 5 dollars to complete.
Love me some cheap, simple craftin'.

(I guess it also helps that I have a butt-load of craft supplies in my hizzy)

That's really all I had for today, but I can't post anymore without a pic.
  I'll leave you with this-

We had lunch at the casa today after church.
Really, nothing else needs to be said,
am I right?

Adios for now-
See ya manana!

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