Friday, June 24, 2011

Instagram Friday

Happy Friday friends!
I am to be heading to Birmingham today so that I can visit the

If you're new here, there was a hob lob 3 minutes from my house, but a little something happened to it. This will be my 2nd time to drive almost an hour (with my friend Kara) just to walk around in and purchase some crafty goodness from one of my favorite places.
Totally worth the drive.

** And if anyone out there affiliated with the hob lob happens to find themselves reading this little blog-
please rebuild in the same spot.
And quickly.
We need our hob lob back.
Please and thank you.
Mary Kathryn

Moving on...
It's instafriday over at
so here's a little taste of what the Mathews have been up to over the past week via instagram-

Super super super good mail day on Monday...

The Barbie Collector magazine for Summer 2011

Pretty new necklace from the etsy shop Sparkle Tree, thanks to a tip from April about a new site with daily deals from etsy sellers called Heartsy.
Anyone else buy Groupons? Or GroopDealz? Or subscribe to any other 'daily deal' type sites like Peachy Cheap?
Heartsy is like that, only the daily deals are from etsy shops.
Love it.

And...last but certainly not least, look at the Gussy goodies! If you don't know Gussy, a.k.a. Maggie, you are missing out- she's a great gal who makes pretty awesome things. You can check out her blog HERE, and browse her shop HERE. She also gives out discount codes pretty often on her blog and twitter. (I snagged my goodies at 20% off!) Isn't that houndstooth fabulous? Would make the perfect gift for someone who lives in my town....

caught E looking through my new Barbie catalog. For those of you that don't know, I'm a HUGE fan of all things Barbie, and the mere thought that one of my offspring could possibly have a thing for her too makes my heart go pitter-patter.
No joke.
If she ever utters the words, "Mommy, I'd like a new Barbie", I'll have to resist the urge to buy her every single doll that Target sells.
No joke.

And speaking of jokes...

this is actually not one either.
No joke here- just the hubs modeling some new hockey gear that came in the mail.
He likes to pose.

Took a little trip to Target on Wednesday-

found this cute onesie that I'm sure my seester will be purchasing any minute since she loves to clothe my kiddos in anything that says the word, "Aunt" or in this case, "Auntie".

These were $3.24.
Good grief, how I love Target.

Also picked up new swimsuits for the kiddos.
My girls love them some tutus.

Raise your hands if you love Target!

This magazine came in the mail yesterday and the hubs is already planning his next tattoo....

because it's Friday,
I'd like to leave you with a laugh...

My hubs is playing the role of a carnie at a friend's birthday party tonight and this is his costume (minus the fanny-pack that he'll also be sportin')
I'm so proud.

Happy Friday!

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