Friday, June 3, 2011

Instagram Friday

I know I've mentioned it here before, but the Instagram app is pure awesomesauce.

There are even link parties now to share your recent instagram pics, so...
here's some of what we've been up to lately via instagram.
and I'll be linking up here
Monday, May 30
Here's a pic of the hubs on his early morning kayak outing.
He's the one in the shades-
isn't he a hottie?
(p.s.- that's one of his bff's, Jonathan, in the 2nd kayak. He's single, ladies. And a catch....just sayin')

Once the hubs was done with his male bonding/kayaking, we met up with him at Target and loaded up on baby pools, water toys, super soakers, etc.

Came home, suited up, .....

And spent the rest of the morning/afternoon here...

as you can see, MM loved her itty-bitty pool.
Just loved it.

Tuesday, May 31
MM and I both had Dr. appointments.
What better thing to wear for a busy day like this than the leader of the autobots?
Oliver thinks it's awesomeness that I have a Transformers shirt. I think I got about 500 cool mom points for this.

Wednesday, June 1

(cue angelic chorus please)
My friend Kara and I went here...

this is the hob lob off of hwy 31.
we spent 4, yes
FOUR hours in there.
It had been too long.
We're now bff's with the stores manager.
Also found out that some of the employees from our t-town store have been working there.
We both loaded up our carts.
oh yes we did.
Also met up with Rachel who had tons of baby goods to donate to Tuscaloosa families in need.
Thank you Rachel! So nice to meet you in person!

After 4 hours in hob lob and a quick run into Big Lots which was next door, we were famished.

So we went here...

and oh was it good.
It's a build-your-own-stir-fry-bowl-of-yumminess type place and
I la-la-loved it.

Thursday, June 2

Our wedding anniversary!
Which happens to have been the first one in 3 years that we weren't at home with a days-old babe.

We had a date night Monday to celebrate since hubs would be working on our anniversary, but I'm hoping to get another one after he's off too. Ya know, cause I likes to eat out.


My friend Julie, the current Miss Tuscaloosa, is headed to Birmingham next week to compete in the Miss Alabama pageant. I had the pleasure of working with her on her talent, so yesterday we went to watch her run through it a few times on stage at the Bama.
and Julie- if you're reading this, you're beautiful and fabulous and I have no doubt that you're going to knock their socks off next week!

While at the theatre, O had a bit of fun in the orchestra pit. The ACT, which produced Hairspray (starring yours truly) is currently producing Sweeney Todd which opens tonight. If you're local, don't miss your chance to see this fabulous show! I'll be at the opening tonight with Miss Tuscaloosa as my date. Can't wait!

After leaving the Bama, we walked to the license/tag renewal place (does it have an actual name?) and stood in line. For a long time.
And then I renewed my license, since it expired in early May,(shhh) and both of our car tags which expire this month.
Please take note that June is not even over, nay- it's actually just begun. This is the earliest I've ever done this and am just so glad we won't be paying the late fee this time. I'm pretty sure we were 5 months late last time.

After our outing downtown, we came home, ate, napped (well 2 of the 4 of us), woke up, pooped, (3 of the 4 of us), and then went to a VBS mtg at Jaycee Park. This is actually where we'll be holding our VBS next week- it's super-close to our crumbling church, so we'll still be close enough to minister to the neighborhood. Hoping to have lots of newcomers since it's out in the open.

We had a visitor in the bathtub later that night.
She loved the water.

sorry for the nudity.
This really is a family blog.

After the kiddos went to bed, I had a hankerin' for some guac salad.
So I made some.
At 10:37 pm.
Because when you're hungry, you're hungry.
(recipe found in this post)

Friday, June 3

My sweet girls in their room this morning-

and a new etsy find that I absolutely love.

the print is called Alabama Love, and it's from the etsy shop
The print was only 20 bucks for the 8 X 10 and comes on super-thick cardstock.

It's currently living, somewhat crookedly, in this frame on the mantel but I have plans for it in the gallery wall above my desk that I've been talking about for, oh...what.....6 months now?

I'm just a wee bit behind.
Not to be confused with "I have a wee behind".

And that catches us up to today-
where I've been completely neglecting my to-do list thus far.
Wait, I can now check blog off of the list.
Total productivity here, folks.

Are you getting anything accomplished today?

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