Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4 reasons to tear up a thrift store book

Hello friends! I'm back with more Christmas crafting-
are you ready?

Today is all about book pages. After seeing all the many gazillions of ways you can incorporate book pages into, say... party decor, I reckoned you could also make some pretty snazzy Christmas crafts as well.
Let's get started.
Grab a book, preferably one you won't want to read ever and also, the older the better. Brandspankin' new book pages just don't have the same flair as old ones do. Are ya with me? My book of choice happens to be the 1957 Collier's Encyclopedia Yearbook:

Next, you'll want to rip out some particularly dull pages, for example:

For my first project, I used the same ingredients as with my wool felt garland but substituted paper for the felt-

String together as many or as few as you like and that's IT.

You could place them close together as I've done, or spread them out on your ribbon/string/twine.

Project 2-

I grabbed a frame and some scrapbook paper I had on hand,
a pencil,
and more boring book pages

Now- sketch something Christmasy-
an ornament,
a reindeer,
a star,
evah whatcha want.
I chose a tree.

Cut out whatever it is you drew (and be sure to draw it small enough to fit inside your frame), and then fold a tee-niny piece of tape backwards into an official roll, like this-

oh yeah...you'll need a tee-niny piece of tape.
Place it on the back of your tree (or whatever...) and then cut your pretty background paper to fit your frame. Stick your tree (or whatever...) on the pretty paper, throw it in the frame, and voila-

Book page Christmas art.

Project 3-

grab your handydandy glue gun,
a styrofoam ball,
and cut a few book pages into 3/4 inch strips

Start by placing a dot of glue at the top and bottom of the first strip of boring book page-

and place it on your styrofoam, like so-

Work your way around the whole thing, gluing and sticking down those wordy paper strips-

When you've made it all the way around, you might end up with an odd tail-like thing on the bottom. (see above)
No biggie-
just cut the excess off with scissors.

I'm planning to make several of these babies, but until I have mucho, I stuck my one lil' cutie in a white pitcher.

And now that I look at that, I may have to let one live there.
Kinda like it.

Project 4-

No, you will NOT need any food products for this one.
Just wanted to show those of you that know me that I do, on occasion, make actual dinners for my family and whatnot.
On occasion.

Grab some scissors and boring book pages.
That's it.
And remember when you made snowflakes in the 3rd grade by folding your paper into a triangle and then another triangle and then another triangle, and then you cut shapes along the sides?

that's it.
Book page snowflakes.

String them up with some twine and hang 'em from a chandy,
or you could hang them on the branches of your real-not-fake Christmas tree that you're getting on Thursday. Did I mention we're picking out our tree on Thursday?
We're picking out our tree on Thursday.
Lil' excited.

Now- there are WAY more than 4 things to make with book pages. I'm sure you've all seen the famous book page wreath, or small trees made from books, or stars, or....eegads...the possibilities are endless. Just type 'book page projects' into the search bar of Pinterest to see what I'm talking about.

So GO!
Buy an old book and have some fun ripping it up!
How many things can you come up with?

And, totally forgot to mention that I paid a whopping 1.57 for my 1957 Encyclopedia. I've had it for a few years, so these projects cost me absolutely nothing.
Gotta love free craftin'.

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