Thursday, November 10, 2011

This and That and last call for giveaway entries

Happy Thursday friends!
I've got a bit of randomness to share today, but first-
a quick reminder that today is the last day to enter the current giveaway for a $30 credit in my etsy shop. Just go to THIS post and leave a comment telling me something you're grateful for.
That's it!
Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

for a bit of random...


Yesterday began just as any other day.
Rushing around, getting ready for school, making coffee, signing papers, grabbing backpacks and jackets, and then a mad dash out the door-
all the while, urging my 'likes-to-take-his-sweet-precious-time' son to move a little faster please.
I did a little extra rushing yesterday so that we'd have time to stop by Target to pick up something I needed for school, and as we raced out the door to the car while I'm once again urging Oliver to move a little faster,
I heard him scream just as I opened my car door.
"A snake, Mommy! A real one!"

He's on the opposite side of the car from me and since I can't see him, I yell for him to get away from it. I take a few steps away from my car door and walk towards the front so that I can see the doors on the opposite side, and sure enough- there it is. I honestly don't know how O didn't step right on it. I guess if he had, indeed, been moving faster like I'd asked him to, he would have stepped right on top of it. Sheesh am I glad he kept his own pace this time. And sheesh am I glad we were ready to leave super early since I now had time to jog across the street to ask my neighbor if he wouldn't mind bludgeoning said reptile to death.
Turns out he didn't mind a bit.
I, of course, snapped a picture of it, but since I'd like to spare my friend Mel from having to look at that and since I really don't have any desire to see it again either, I'm not going to post it. Let's put it this way though, that sucker wasn't teeny. Not HUGE, but definitely not teeny.


I picked up a fabulous new shade of nail polish at Target a few days ago and since I was inspired by all of those 'hold the bottle of nail polish while you show off your nails' pictures on Pinterest, this is MY Pinterest-esque pic-

Please overlook the fact that I don't have model-like hands or nails.
Just focus on the pretty blingy polish.
It's 'The Next CEO' by Nicole for OPI.
Did you know Target carried OPI?
As if they needed more cool points....

Have I mentioned lately that my kiddos own as many costumes as they do regular clothes? And have I also mentioned that MM thinks O's Jengo Fett helmet is the coolest thing since pop-tarts?

Made some new flowers tonight-
meet "Tweed".
Isn't she lovely?

Gawgeous shades of blue and gray and brown.

Also whipped up a headband.

Just in case you wondered...

Yes, the hubs is thoroughly enjoying our new chalkboard.
Yes, his eyes get all squinty when he's being silly.
Yes, this pic was taken yesterday so you'll have to adjust the number.


If you're local, there are a couple of events coming up that I want to make you aware of. Northport Church of God is having a craft fair/bazaar THIS SATURDAY from 8:00-3:00 and yours truly will have a booth. I've been working my booty off every night (except for Monday...) cutting and sewing and embossing and I'm hoping to take twice as many goods as I took to the last one. I'll also have a booth this year at Dickens Downtown, which will be held in Downtown Northport Tuesday night, December 6.
Mark your calendars.
I'll share more about Dickens in another post for those of you who are wondering what the flip it is. Just wanted to go ahead and throw those dates out there while I was thinking about it. I also made 6 new styles of pennant banners and another style of Christmas stockings that I'll share with you as soon as I have decent photos.

I think that's all I've got for now friends.
I truly hope that you're having a terrific Thursday, which might be feeling a bit like Friday if you're off work tomorrow for Veteran's Day.
If that's the case,
Happy quasi-Friday to ya!
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