Monday, November 7, 2011

weekend recap

Happy Monday to ya, friends!
Hope you had a fab weekend.
I suffered a bit of heartburn and nausea and diarrhea and I think I may have also developed an ulcer after watching the Tide on Saturday night.
Heartbreaking loss.

But life goes on...
Roll Tide, y'all.

As I've mentioned here before, as the week goes along with me teaching full time and mom-ing full time and sewing full time and making sure something gets into the bellies of my family, I lose more and more sleep. Fridays are the worst. The worst. Sometimes I feel like I could fall over at any moment and I'm sure I would, if not for the huge quantities of coffee I drink throughout the day. On Friday as O and I walked through the door from school, I had a hankering for some rice. Quick rice. Throw-it-in-the-microwave-and-eat-it-90-seconds-later rice. I pulled it out of the pantry, threw it in the microwave, and listened to it explode 60 seconds later.

When the kind people at Uncle Bens tell you to rip the top off of the package before cooking, they mean it. I was too tired to even follow the directions on a bag of rice y'all.

Thank goodness for Saturday, and thank goodness there was nothing on my schedule early in the wee hours. After sleeping as late as the girls would allow, I headed to a craft fair I read about on facebook. It took place in the gym of the church where we are currently holding services and while I didn't take any pics, there were lots of goodies there. I came home with a fabulous scarf and a little girl. Because I'd taken her with me. I didn't steal her.
After MM and I left the craft fair, we headed to- where else....Target.
I have to share one small glance at how crazy-packed-with-people my town was over the weekend.

This was the lot next to Target and the mall-
campers and RV's as far as the eye could see.

They were also packed into several other lots that are now vacant due to the tornado. They were everywhere.
The 'game of the century' draws quite a large crowd.
Moving on.

I tried desperately to get a decent picture of the kiddos in their church clothes before nap time yesterday, not just because they're pretty darn tootin' cute, but also because the girls were sporting their Missoni for the first time.

If I've said it once, I've said it a gajillion times-
It's flippin hard to get a pic of these 3. Two seconds after I'd snapped these, MM was climbing backwards down the steps, Oliver was running to the backdoor, and E was soprano singing and twirling.
Valiant effort though, right?

Last night, we turned to TBS just in time to see the twister knock Dorothy onto her bed. Once E realized what we were watching, she made a mad dash for her closet and retrieved her Dorothy dress. Because that's the only way to watch The Wizard of Oz. In your Dorothy dress and sparkly shoes and a stuffed dog under your arm. Good gravy she may look just like her Daddy, but that girl is MY child.

The 4 of us sat and watched the movie while we waited for Daddy to get home from his. Several of the men from our church went to see the film Courageous yesterday and hubs raved about it when he got home. So glad he was able to go. Have any of you seen it?

I'll be attending 2 more craft fairs in the near future and once I have all the details, I'll share them here for those of you who are local.

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Happy Monday!

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